Candles need not simply be a means of  providing light to a room. Candles introduce atmosphere and ambience. They can lift us from our current setting, transporting us to another time and place.

Floral styles allows us to experience the outdoors from the comfort of our homes, spiced scents can remind us of home baking, of childhood memories. A good candle can turn a cold dark night into a warm and cosy evening.

When a candles purpose is to provide light, it can be done through glass, through metal and wood changing the shapes and sounds in a room, bouncing light into the tiniest of corners without overpowering the senses.

Loose yourself in the flickering glow.

Candles and diffusers are something of a speciality here at Room No 9. We proudly stock some of the finest quality products, ensuring that the smells that fill your home will leave you with a lasting sense of happiness. St Eval have produced an incredibly successful collection of fragrances that translate into both candles and diffusers alike. Similarly, Lily Flame have been one of our best sellers with an incredible variety of scents and have something to suit every pallet and every time of year.

When the smells we have in our home are so important to us, we have ensured we can offer a wide variety that will last the test of time.