Children's Gifts

Our little ones cuddly companions are their best friends before they even know how to say their own names. Tucked away under pillows, down the sides of sofas, on kitchen tables, these soft toys provide comfort and security at all times of the day and are an integral part of our children’s lives.
There really aren’t too many gifts a child can receive, well, not in the child’s eyes! the excitement of pulling open the paper and meeting a new friend or seeing the bold and beautiful colours of a new outfit. These are precious moments in every child’s life and it is because of this that we have curated a collection of gifts for children using trusted and high quality brands that will survive the day to day life and love of a child.
Boasting a fantastic selection of Jellycat soft toys, there really is a future friend to meet all of their little hearts desires! 
Another supplier we adore is Blade & Rose, manufacturers of the most magnificent children’s clothing that has us wishing they made them in adult sizes!  Bursting with colour and originality each piece stands out from anything else we see on the market!
Buying gifts for children can at times feel overwhelming in a world saturated in toys and teddy’s. This is why we have picked the best of the best!